Filthy Creations Magazine ed. by Steve Goodwin and Rog Pile - First issue Summer 2006

Filthy Creations First Issue (Summer 2006)

Edited by Steve Goodwin and Rog Pile

Introduced by Demant Vat

Cover by Rog Pile and Adrian Salmon
Illustrations by Chrissie Demant, Rog Pile

Stories by Franklin Marsh
Rog Pile
Charles Black
Steve Goodwin
Victoria J Dixon

Shortly after Franklin Marsh had made his first posts in The Workshop of Filthy Creation at Vault of Evil, a printed magazine to publish members' fiction was inevitable.

Ripton Torn by Franklin Marsh: The tale of a young Goth. Not a very good one, but then it hadn't been a carer move. A difficult morning leads Ripton to the cemetery to relax in his lunchbreak. Possibly not the wisest of moves for one seeking a stress-free environment.

So begins a legend.

Tendrils by Rog Pile: As he jolted fully awake and pulled away from her, tearing back the sheets, he glimpsed something thin sliding through the tangled linen with a movement like a rope pulled sharply back.

Midnight Snack by Charles Black: Conrad Mann has writer's block, but perhaps a little late night snack will help. And if it makes him dream, that won't be such a bad thing. After all, Lovecraft was inspired by dreams...

And the moon shines down.

Love by Steve Goodwin: Cutting off his own left had had been relatively easy but the right was proving to be more troublesome...

The Horror on Deadstone Moor by Franklin Marsh (Part One): With Hendrix playing on the car CD player, Ripton Torn, Gregory Pendeniss and Baily drive to a date with destiny - and fear. Waiting for them at Raverninmawse are dark secrets, the delectable Elizabeth - and the unspeakable Grubbling's.

Martyr's Window by Victoria J Dixon: I decided against building an actual cross - I've never been very clever with my hands... I think that the positioning and accuracy of the nails will be of greater importance to him anyway.

Rog Pile


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First Issue of Filthy Creations Magazine ed. by Steve Goodwin & Rog Pile

Cover for Filthy Creations 1 by Rog Pile and Adrian Salmon

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