Filthy Creations Magazine ed. by Steve Goodwin and Rog Pile - Third issue Autumn 2007

Filthy Creations Three (Autumn 2007)

Co-Edited by Steve Goodwin and Rog Pile

Cover and illustrations by Rog Pile

Stories from the original Workshop of Filthy Creation at Vault of Evil.

Stories by Franklin Marsh
Coral King
Daniel McGachey
Noah Brown
Peter Coady
Craig Herbertson

Better to Travel Hopefully by Franklin Marsh: He felt something skitter across his hand, then a sharp pinch, almost like a cigarette burn... He leaped from the chair, slapping himself and screaming. He careered into the wall, and fell to the floor, groaning in pain. He could feel something in his his hair, and on his face. A wheezing laugh came from behind the mosquito nets.

Heads or Tails by Coral King: It took all of Bec's years of training not to react to what she had in her hand at that moment. From amongst the good, wholesome fruit lying in the sink, she had picked out a tiny, wrinkled, but perfectly formed human head.

The Mound by Daniel McGachey: The gardener dropped his spade and pulled Roberts back away from the pit. But it was too late, for the younger man's last lunge had unearthed something white and pale...

Daemonia of Swan-Man by Noah Brown: I've got to do this for the good of my family. I can remember his fucking bird breath, his feathered skin, his cackling laugh... biting my face with his bastard swan beak...

The Standing Man by Peter Coady: Each room had its secret, second-hand echoes. Long-lost conversations, droning TVs and radios, cries of surprise or pain; he'd heard snatches of all those over the years. With only him in the house, the supply of new noises had thinned away to almost nothing...

Strange Fruit by Strange Fruit by Craig Herbertson: The children had been missing for over a week and it seemed had succumbed to a wild Strawman stake-out. After some obscure ritual disfigurement, they had been left to burn on the beach...

The Horror on Dreadstone Moor (Part 3) by The Horror on Dreadstone Moor (Part 3) by Franklin Marsh: "I looked at the bog. It was like I was hypnotized. I stood there for ages. And then... it moved. It swirled. It heaved. I... I think I would have jumped in. But as I edged forward, I felt the cross around my neck move against my chest. That saved me. I looked into the bog. It was motionless. But it HAD MOVED!!!"

Rog Pile


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Filthy Creations Magazine 3 ed. by Steve Goodwin & Rog Pile

Cover for Filthy Creations 3 drawn by Rog Pile

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