Filthy Creations 7 Buy with PayPal New fiction by David A Riley, Craig Herbertson, D F Lewis, Charles H Gallagher, Robert Mammone, Penni McLaren Walker, Franklin Marsh
New writings in Horror, Fantasy and Alternative Fiction in Filthy Creations

Filthy Creations 7 ed. by Rog Pile
Filthy Creations 7 £3.00 inc. P&P

Filthy Creations 7 proudly presents the second episode in a major new serialisation: Sendings (a.k.a Moloch's Children by David A Riley.

Also this issue, part two of Craig Herbertson's The Death Tableau.

Both David A Riley and Craig Herbertson had their first stories appear in the now-lendary Pan Books of Horror.
Both authors' novels will eventually be serialised here in their entirity.

Short stories in this issue:

The Architect's Table by Penni McLaren Walker
Mycelium by Robert Mammone
Shapeshifter by Charles H Gallagher
All Endings Are Happy and The Final Climax by D F Lewis
The Wicket Man by Franklin Marsh

With nine mono illustrations plus a colour cover by Rog Pile.

Filthy Creations 7 costs £3.00 including p&p but is free for review.

Filthy Creations 7

Filthy Creations 7, June 2013, ed. by Rog Pile

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