Seth Holt's Blood From The Mummy's Tomb starring Valerie Leon (1971)

Seth Holt's Blood From The Mummy's Tomb (1971)

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An archaelogical expedition brings back the coffin of an Egyptian queen known for her magic powers to London. Her spirit takes on the shape of a young girl and strange things starts to happen. Written by Mattias Thuresson {}

On the night before her anniversary, Margaret Fuchs (Valerie Leon) receives an ancient Egyptian ring with a red stone as a birthday gift from her father, Prof. Julian Fuchs (Andrew Keir). Margaret has frequent nightmares about an expedition in Egypt with five members, including her father, finding the tomb of Queen Tera, an evil sorcerer with a severed hand. The members collect the sarcophagus with a totally preserved mummy, the severed hand with the ring with a red stone, and three relics. Margaret is possessed by the spirit of Tera and chases the expedition members to retrieve the objects and gives life back to Tera. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A group of Egyptologists discover the tomb of an evil queen. When the girl born to the wife of the expedition's leader at the moment of the discovery grows up it becomes evident she has inherited the beauty and the soul of the mummy. This strikes terror into almost all the expedition's members and for good reason, as they are one by one gruesomely murdered. Despite this, one of their number is intent on exploiting this frightening power. Written by Jeremy Perkins {}

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