Editors,Authorsand their work

Ken Alden
Resting Place by Ken Alden

Brian Aldiss
Greybeard by Brian Aldiss
Earthworks by Brian Aldiss

Colleen Anderson
The Fathomless World by Colleen Anderson

Daniel Ausema
Word Doctor by Daniel Ausema

Stephen Bacon
Cone Zero (Page 147) by Stephen Bacon

Charles Black
The Coughing Coffin by Charles Black
Midnight Snack by Charles Black
As Editor:
The Fifth Black Book of Horror ed. by Charles Black
Introduction to They That Dwell in Dark Places

Leigh Brackett
The Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett

Ray Bradbury
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Russell Braddon
Committal Chamber by Russell Braddon

Noah Brown
Daemonia of Swan-Man by Noah Brown

Pollution of Thoughts by Bubo

Caroline Callaghan
Transmat by Caroline Callaghan

Dominy Clements
Angel Zero by Dominy Clements
Berian Winslow & the Stream of Consciousness Storyteller

Peter Coady
The Standing Man by Peter Coady

James Cooper
Hollow Heart by James Cooper

Victoria J Dixon
Martyr's Window by Victoria J Dixon

Lisa DuMond
Born to the Night by Lisa DuMond

Scott Edelman
The Awful Truth About the Circus by Scott Edelman

Paul Finch
Hangman Wanted: Apply in Writing by Paul Finch

David M Fitzpatrick
Cone Zero, Sphere Zero by David M Fitzpatrick

Jeff Gardiner
Spectre at the Feast by Jeff Gardiner

Gary Fry
School of Fought by Gary Fry

Marcus Gold
The Man With a Hole in His Head by Marcus Gold

Steve Goodwin
Love by Steve Goodwin

Dr H S Grace
An Unwise Purchase by Dr H S Grace

John Grant
Always More Than You Know by John Grant

James Herbert
Haunted by James Herbert

Craig Herbertson
Leibnitz’s Last Puzzle by Craig Herbertson
School: The Seventh Silence by Craig Herbertson
Strange Fruit by Craig Herbertson

Jeff Holland
To Let by Jeff Holland

Robert E Howard
With L Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, Bjorn Nyberg, P Schuyler Miller

The City of Skulls by Lin Carter & L Sprague de Camp
The God in the Bowl by Robert E Howard
The Hall of the Dead by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp
The Hand of Nergal by Robert E Howard & Lin Carter
The Hyborian Age (Part 1)by Robert E Howard
Rogues in the House by Robert E Howard
The Thing In The Crypt by L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter
The Tower of the Elephant by Robert E Howard

Neil James Hudson
The Point of Oswald Masters by Neil James Hudson

Roswell Ivory
The Lady Medusa by Roswell Ivory
Origami by Roswell Ivory

Nick Jackson
The Secret Life of the Panda by Nick Jackson

M R James
Collected Ghost Stories of M R James
The Stories:
After Dark in the Playing Fields by M R James
The Diary of Mr Pointer by M R James
An Evening's Entertainment by M R James
An Episode of Cathedral History by M R James
The Haunted Dolls' House by M R James
A Neighbour's Landmark by M R James
The Residence at Whitminster by M R James
Stories I Have Tried to Write by M R James
The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance by M R James
There Was a Man Dwelt By a Churchyard by M R James
Two Doctors by M R James
A View From a Hill by M R James
Wailing Well by M R James

Helen Julia Jeffrey
Cover and interior art for They That Dwell in Dark Places

Paul Jessup
Happiness of Pinned Wings by Paul Jessup

M P Johnson
Upset Stomach by M P Johnson

Emily Jones
Head by Emily Jones

Blue Rasberies by Kek-W
Cone Zero (Page 33) by Kek-W

Coral King
Heads or Tails by Coral King
As Editor:
The Thinking Man's Crumpet 1
As illustrator:
The Thinking Man's Crumpet 1

A J Kirby
How To Kill An Hour by A J Kirby

Keith Laumer
Deadfall (a.k.a. Fat Chance) by Keith Laumer

D F Lewis
Weirdmonger by D F Lewis
The Stories:
Always in Dim Shadow by D F Lewis
Apple Turnover by D F Lewis
Back Doubles by D F Lewis
The Dead by D F Lewis
Dear Mum by D F Lewis
Digory Smalls by D F Lewis
As Editor:
Nemonymous 7: Zencore! Scriptus Innuminatus ed. by D F Lewis
Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero ed. by D F Lewis

Bob Lock
The Cone Zero Ultimatum by Bob Lock

Geoffrey Maloney
The Confessions of Imray by Geoffrey Maloney

Franklin Marsh
Better to Travel Hopefully by Franklin Marsh
Ripton Torn by Franklin Marsh
The Horror on Dreadstone Moor part 1 by Franklin Marsh
The Horror on Dreadstone Moor part 3 by Franklin Marsh

Daniel McGachey
They That Dwell in Dark Places by Daniel McGachey
The Stories:
"And Still Those Screams Resound..." by Daniel McGachey
The Beacon by Daniel McGachey
The Crimson Picture by Daniel McGachey
The Mound (in They That Dwell in Dark Places) by Daniel McGachey
The Mound (in Filthy Creations 3) by Daniel McGachey
Rags by Daniel McGachey
A Ravelled Tress by Daniel McGachey
The Shadow in The Stacks by Daniel McGachey
Shalt Thou Know My Name by Daniel McGachey
They That Dwell in Dark Places by Daniel McGachey
The Travelling Companion by Daniel McGachey
The Unmasking: 'An Evening of Revels and Revelations' by Daniel McGachey
The Wager by Daniel McGachey

Gary McMahon
Poe Pourri by Gary McMahon

David Murdoch
Kagan Bang by David Murdoch

Tim Nickels
England and Nowhere by Tim Nickels

Reggie Oliver
MMM - Delicious by Reggie Oliver
Mrs Midnight by Reggie Oliver

Rosalie Parker
In the Garden by Rosalie Parker

Michelle Ponto
The Soul Hunter by Michelle Ponto

Sean Parker
Cone Zero (Page 23) by Sean Parker

Steven Pirie
Mary's Gift, the Stars and Frank's Pisser by Steven Pirie

Ursula Pflug
Red Velvet Dust by Ursula Pflug

Rog Pile
Tendrils by Rog Pile
As Editor:
Filthy Creations 1 (co-edited with Steve Goodwin)
Filthy Creations 3 (co-edited with Steve Goodwin)
As illustrator:
The Thinking Man's Crumpet 1

Virginia Powell
The Crowds Cheered as Gloom Galloped Away by Virginia Powell

Gary Power
The Road to Hell by Gary Power

John Llewellyn Probert
The Comeback Kid by John Llewellyn Probert
De Vermis Infestis by John Llewellyn Probert
Two for Dinner by John Llewellyn Probert

Brian Rappatta
The Plunge by Brian Rappatta

David A Riley
Hoody by David A Riley
Their Own Mad Demons by David A Riley

Patricia Russo
Fugly by Patricia Russo

Ekatarina Sedia
Torsion by Ekatarina Sedia

Eric Schaller
Going Back For What Got Left Behind by Eric Schaller

Richard Staines
No Such Thing as a Friendly by Richard Staines

Anna Stephens
Cassandra by Anna Stephens

Ian C Strachan
Starlight Casts No Shadow by Ian C Strachan

David A Sutton
Zulu’s War by David A Sutton

Anna Taborska
Schrodinger’s Human by Anna Taborska"

Peter Tennant
La Ronde by Peter Tennant

Trudi Topham
Stiff by Trudi Topham

S D Tullis
An Oddly Quiet Street by S D Tullis
The Nightmare Reader by S D Tullis
Terminus by S D Tullis

Mark Valentine
Undergrowth by Mark Valentine

Raymond Vaughn
Winter Break by Raymond Vaughn

Grant Wamack
Cone Zero (Page 129) by Grant Wamack

David Williamson
The Chameleon Man by David Williamson

Sean Wright
As Editor:
When Graveyards Yawn by Sean Wright (editor)
Journey’s End by Sean Wright

Hugh Zachary
Gwen, in Green by Hugh Zachary

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