The Victims by Suso

The Victims by Suso

in Skywald's Scream magazine, September 1974

Another day, another monster... *sigh*
I’m told that I’ve been guilty of good taste, recently, so in case this was catching, I decided the world should be reminded of The Victims. Drawn by SU SO, for Sywald’s Scream magazine, the frames shown here appeared in the August and September 1974 issues, providing proof if any were needed that the ‘70’s was indeed the decade that understood all about good taste.

The story featured two young women being put through episode after episode, in which they faced perils worse than any Pauline ever dreamed of. Who the victims were, or how their ordeal began, I don’t know. But prior to their being grabbed by this giant squid, the two young ladies had been captured by a crew of rotting zombie pirates; later, they were to find themselves imprisoned beneath the waves by a Nazi dwarf submarine captain at the helm of his giant squid robot.

But you probably guessed that.

**blub**** *blub* **But at least you know this is all being done in the best possible taste **blub***gurgle***
For completists who would like to view the frames as they appeared on the complete comic pages, you can view the first page here, and the second page here. Find out will the Victims learn that "Death by drowning is perhaps an easier, kinder, faster death than death by utter suffocation"? They sure knew how to write this stuff! Rog Pile

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Scream published by Skywald for Sept 1974. Cover by Faba

Scream from Skywald Sept 1974. Cover by Faba
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